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Christmas Lighting Techniques: Outlining

Christmas season is fast approaching, and so is the time to hang your Christmas lights.  Each year brings the nerve-wracking question of what to do.  You want your house to look tasteful and beautiful, but the line between joyously celebrating the season and becoming your own Christmas spoof is thin.  Luckily, even if you’ve had a few slip ups in the past, you are not stuck with your Christmas design forever.  You can change the colours, bulb types, and layouts.  If you are truly stumped, you can always contact our holiday lighting service in Oakville.  A professional holiday lighting service has a multitude of décor ideas that will light up your house for the season.  One popular technique to ask your Oakville holiday lighting service about is outlining.  Here is an explanation of the outlining technique and why this simple trick has a big impact when it comes to holiday lighting.

What Outlining Is?
Outlining is pretty much what it sounds like.  Instead of bathing your house in a blinding amount of lights, you simply outline the edges, windows, and doorframes with Christmas lights.  Illuminating walkways and trees is a nice touch.  Ask your Oakville holiday lighting services provider for more information on how this would work best for your home.
Things to Consider When Implementing Outlining

  • Height: the taller your roof is, the more expensive the service will be.  In addition, if your home is over 40 feet tall, special equipment to get our workers up that high may be required.  Additional preparation by our professional holiday lighting service may be required to ensure that the lawn or driveway is protected from damage.
  • Type of Roof: if the roof is badly damaged and needs repairs, is a metal roof or has Spanish tile, you may be subject to extra charges for difficulty or extra equipment required.
  • Building materials: it’s best to install Christmas lights on brick, unpainted siding and stone surfaces.  Painted surfaces present a challenge in terms of paint peeling when it comes time to remove the lights.

The Best Things to Ask Your Professional Holiday Lighting Service to Outline

  • Roof-lines are a popular selection.  It gives your house height and can really accent the architecture in a dramatic fashion.
  • Sides: outlining the sides of the home defines the shape of your home.
  • Corners are great for making your house visible from two streets.  Just outline the corners on your roof.  This is really effective for houses on street corners.
  • Windows tend to be a free-for-all when it comes to rules.  You can outline just one or all of them. 
  • Entryways can be outlined using garland or lights.  Multiple layers of either (or both!) can make a bold, eye-catching statement.
  • Pathways are a great way to direct the festivities to your home.  There is no better way to highlight them than to outline them in Christmas lights.
  • Flower beds are an uncommon choice, but people sometimes choose to do the paths and flower beds together.  Luckily for you, there are no rules.  They can be quite tasteful when done alone.  Usually they are outlined in a curving pattern that leads the eye towards the end of your home, adding width.
  • Arches, separations, and defined areas can add impact when outlined.  It’s also popular to add lights to railings, columns, pillars or porches.

A professional holiday lighting service can outline your home and so much more!  Contact Christmas Decor Oakville for an estimate.

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