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Holiday Decorating and Your Pets

During the holidays, your household might be a bit more chaotic than usual, what with household guests, presents (and the present opening!), and big festive meals.  It can be easy for you to forget your pets and not give them the attention they deserve.  When you are decorating or choosing an Oakville interior decorating service, please keep your pet in mind.  The holidays are littered with opportunities for them to swallow something or to get a little too familiar with the electrical wires or candles.  Be sure to choose interior holiday decorating services that will pay close attention to your pets' safety.

Keep Dangerous Edibles Out of Reach with Our Oakville Interior Decorating Service

It may surprise you, but a lot of decorative items can be chewed up or swallowed.  If you are decorating using food, such as stringing popcorn through your tree, make sure your interior decorating services keeps it off the ground to make sure that your pets aren’t tempted to eat it.  Also, if you are leaving chocolate out for guests, remember that this treat contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs.  Candy dishes should also be kept well out of reach.  These are your treats, not your pet’s!

When searching for an Oakville interior tree decorating service, make sure they are also aware of other things that are potential swallowing hazards.  They should be aware that the water in the tree stand could make your pet sick, and as such, they should cover it properly.  In addition, tree needles can get lodged in your pet’s throat, making it difficult for them to swallow.  Be sure to sweep up fallen needles regularly or opt for one of our premium fake trees.  Also, while decorating the tree, small ornaments and even softer things like ribbons are dangerous if your pet mistakes them for a toy and swallows them.  Be sure to keep breakables and anything chewy out of reach.  Anything scented, like soap or candles could be mistaken for tasty treats, so keep those tucked away.  Lastly, a reminder that plants such as mistletoe, poinsettias, and ivy are poisonous when ingested, so you may need to store them out of reach.

Our Interior Holiday Tree Decorating Services will Ensure Your Pet’s Safety this Season

With all the additional cords that come with Christmas décor, the first and perhaps most obvious piece of advice is to make sure that your pet does not play with the electrical cords.  Tape them to the wall so they’re not tempted to chew on them or bat them like they would a string.  Also, ask your Oakville interior tree decorating service to string the lights out of reach if your pets are biters and chewers – otherwise, they’re in for an electrifying experience!  On a similar note, open flames should be kept away from wagging tails, long whiskers, curious noses, and persistent paws.  The last thing your pet wants for Christmas is a burned body part.  Finally, secure your tree in some fashion.  Some cats tend to be tree climbers and even dogs can be quite intrigued by this new addition to the living room.

If you’re considering investing in interior holiday tree decorating services, try Christmas Décor.  We offer a wide array of decorations to give your Christmas tree and home a joyous feel this holiday season.

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