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Avoid DIY Disasters with Professional Christmas Lighting Services

Christmas is just around the corner, so why is your house still shrouded in darkness? If the hassle of putting up your own lights has you procrastinating, stop! Consider the stress and time you’ll save if you had our Oakville Christmas lighting service decorate your home for you.  If you have lofty Christmas light goals, then maybe you’d even save putting yourself in a dangerous situation by hiring a pro. Avoid a DIY decorating disaster this holiday season; hire a professional from at Christmas Décor to lend a hand with your last minute decorating.  Our lighting installations are truly inspirational!

Stay Fall-Free With Our Oakville Christmas Lighting Services!

During the holiday season, emergency rooms fill up with people falling while hanging their Christmas lights.  Basic precautions, such as checking the roof for ice or slick spots before walking on it, or having someone out there to spot you, are techniques that will drastically reduce your risk of falling.  Also, ensure the ladder you’re using is in good working conditions, placed on a flat, stable surface, and is leaning against a solid structure.  If you have big ideas for your lighting design and are unsure how to execute them, don’t put yourself at risk. Contact our professional residential Christmas lighting service!

Our Residential Christmas Lighting Service Will Keep You From Any Shocking Surprises!

It goes without saying that you should check your lights for broken bulbs or wires before hanging them.  If you fail to do this, your risk of electrocution increases exponentially.  Broken bulbs pose not just a cutting hazard, but are also a fire risk.  Broken wires pose a risk of electrocution as well.  Our trained Oakville Christmas lighting service technicians are experts in safety.  And that includes preventing electrocution.

Don’t Get Burnt Out…

…changing all of those burnt out bulb!  You can count on it every December – it doesn’t matter if they all worked fine last year, a handful of bulbs will always be burnt out when it comes time to hang them again.  And if you’re one of those unlucky few who has strings of lights that go out when one bulb expires, you’ll need to spend hours and hours figuring out which bulb is the guilty one.  Lucky for you, our Oakville Christmas lighting service checks the bulbs for you, so they’re always ready to go!

Stay Warm This Christmas

It’s December and the temperature has dropped.  There’s the crisp, almost pleasant chill, and then there’s that chilled-to-the-bone cold that’s impossible to shake.  Don’t sentence yourself to an afternoon of freezing torture hanging your lights. Stay toasty inside and let our residential Christmas lighting service do your last minute lighting installation for you.

Christmas is not the time to be stressed, injured, frozen, or electrocuted.  Spend extra time with your family while giving them the gift of a beautifully decorated house.  Visit our website and contact Christmas Décor for all of your holiday décor needs!

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