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Get the Gift of "Green" Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be expensive to keep running throughout the holiday season. Christmas budgeting is tough enough after you’ve done your shopping and thrown your holiday parties – the last thing you want to include is a substantial hydro bill. Keep the costs down with more eco-friendly solutions for your outdoor Christmas lights. Cutting expenses isn’t difficult, nor is it much of an adjustment from your usual routine. In fact, Christmas Décor Oakville thinks that with a couple of steps in the “green” direction at the beginning of the season, you can slash your bills without any major hassles throughout the rest of the winter. Some of these steps will even last you until next Christmas!

Ready to get the gift of green and affordable Christmas lights this year? Read on for tips from Christmas Décor Oakville.

Keep a strict schedule
With all the bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget to turn off your outdoor Christmas lights once dawn breaks and you’re off to work. Fortunately, you don’t need to remember anymore. Install a timer for your Christmas Décor Oakville lighting display to automatically turn your lights on and off.

Oakville Christmas lights don’t have to run through the night. These glittering exhibitions of Christmas cheer are only for aesthetic purposes, and therefore can go to sleep when the neighbourhood does. Set your timer to turn off your outdoor Christmas lights around midnight, and to turn back on again with sundown the next day. That way, your lights will be up and running to welcome you home from work each evening.

Lovable LEDs
LED technology isn’t what it used to be – it’s so much better. Each year this technology continues to improve, and Christmas Décor Oakville can’t describe in enough detail how great this technology is for your outdoor Christmas lights. It’s time to upgrade and update your bulbs.

Replace old bulbs with new LEDs. The simple swap-out from traditional Oakville Christmas lights to LEDs can save you as much as 80-90% on every hydro bill. To add to the list of benefits, these bulbs will do the exact same aesthetic job as their traditional, energy-wasting counterparts. LEDs come in all colours and offer the same ambiance.

Adjust your landscape lighting
Chances are you already have a landscape lighting system on your property. As winter comes on and holiday lights come out, you can make adjustments to your current lighting system to account for the new strands of lights through the holiday season. A tree that is normally illuminated with down lighting or up lighting may now only require the strands of outdoor Christmas lights with which it has been adorned.

To make sure that your safety, security, and electric bills aren’t being compromised by any adjustments in your landscape lighting, bring in the pros. The professionals at Christmas Décor Oakville will help you create a magnificent display that’s low on monthly costs and high on holiday cheer. Receive your complimentary quote today to beat the Christmas rush!

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