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Christmas Décor Trends of 2015

Do you get tired of pulling out the same Christmas decorations year after year?  Perhaps it’s time to shake things up this year by implementing some of 2015’s hottest Christmas décor trends, best described as glamourous with a touch of unconventional.

As in years past, being festive is still the focus, but with dramatic and even quirky effects, with colours such as copper, pastels, black and white and paired with soft textures of velvet, furs and feathers. While incorporating elements of nature into your Christmas decorations has been standard for many years, animals such as penguins and polar bears are being featured. With all of these potential motifs, where does one start? Here are some ideas to help you on your way.

Colours for Christmas 2015

Copper is an important colour for 2015 because it demonstrates warmth and elegance, but can be also paired with other colours to create a unique ambiance. Its neutrality lends to great pairings with other metallics – gold and silver – as well as rich reds, light or dark blues and blacks. It can even lend to an atmosphere of delicate femininity when paired with dusty pinks.

You’ll find copper-coloured decorations a-plenty in vases, candles, ribbons wreaths and other ornaments.

Black and White
Not only are black and white popular colours among general home décor, they are also a trend for 2015 among holiday decorations.
Black lends a dramatic, modern elegance when mixed with traditional holiday colours. Create a statement with black accessories on your centrepiece, especially when paired with metallic colours. Grab attention when decorating your tree mostly in black, sprinkled with brightly coloured ornaments.

White also creates glamour when used in your Christmas decorating. Picture an all-white artificial Christmas tree decorated with touches of gold or even dashes of bright colours to give a unique, spectacular look.

Pastel Colours
Pastels are not colours one typically associates with Christmas, but light turquoise, mint, blue and pink are en vogue in the world of 2015 Christmas décor. Reminiscent of art deco Miami or 1950’s kitchens, these pastel colours can add a youthful exuberance to the traditional Christmas décor. You could add a splash of pastel-coloured ornaments to your tree, garland or table centrepiece to lend an air of joyful freshness to an oft formal setting.

Natural Themes
Items pulled from nature are a major trend in Christmas decorations for 2015. Materials such as raw wood or bark are used for everything from candle-holders to vases to wreaths, to ornaments of small trees, stars or hearts.

Acorns and pine cones have long been part of Christmas tradition as tree ornaments, attached to wreaths or garlands made of pine or fir. This year, decorators are taking it up a notch, creating a statement by painting them in this year’s hottest colour trends – copper, black, white – or more traditionally in silver or gold.

One unusual but popular trend this year is in the use of toadstools of varying sizes in various forms as table decorations, strung together as a garland, or even large enough to sit on. When paired with other natural elements, the use of toadstools can create a fairly-like or woodland holiday theme.

The art of decorating not only combines colour and patterns, but textures as well, in order to stimulate the senses. When one thinks of Christmas-themed textures, it’s often hard – pine needles and cones, or sometimes soft (reminiscent of that horrible, cotton-ball like fake snow). For 2015, the textural trends evoke luxurious softness and warmth, as they should for a holiday season equated with cold, snowy weather, combined with the feelings evoked when surrounded with comfort food, family and friends. Fur and velvet are two materials popular for 2015, but this can go beyond the coziness of throws and pillows on your sofa. Imagine a garland of luxurious velvet in white, black or red, or furs paired with bare or white-washed wood for a more natural aesthetic.  

Feathers are highly popular for 2015, in a plethora of colours and can be used almost anywhere – from garlands to tree decorations and add a touch of  indulgence or whimsy to more traditional decor.

Different animals have taken prominence among this year’s holiday decorations, with polar bears, penguins and birds being the most popular.
Polar bears are showing up in different sizes both in outside and indoor décor, and are made of different materials including velvet, porcelain more life-like with fake fur. Perhaps the polar bear’s association with the holidays began as the result of a seasonal television advertisement featuring polar bears sledding down hills and drinking a popular carbonated cola.

Other animals popping up in Christmas décor this year are penguins and owls, among other birds, as well as squirrels, perhaps accompanying the toadstools in a forest-theme.

In addition to knick-knacks, animal Christmas tree ornaments are all the rage, from the exotic (elephants, rhinos, tropical birds) to the domestic (cats, dogs, deer). Found in a wide range of materials, especially those trending this year (copper, wood, fur) or made simply from metal or glass.


Other 2015 Christmas Décor Trends

Ribbons and Candles
The trends for ribbons and candles have stayed the course. Popular ribbons are found having a vintage style or traditional checked patterns or stars in copper, red, white and green. Pillar candles are still trendy as well as shaped candles of angels, stars or Christmas trees in all of the season’s trendy colours.

Seasonal floral arrangements are found having a delicate, elegant theme, incorporating pearls, copper, and brightly coloured fine metal threads. With artificial flowers, blossoms of magnolia, cherry or orchids in hues of white are in style, augmented by natural elements of grasses, bark and pine cones.

Tell a Story
No matter which Christmas décor trends of 2015 you decide to incorporate in your home this year, the main idea is to tell a story with your decorations, whether it’s creating a glamorous, whimsical or fantastical tale, it will be sure to create an atmosphere of delight for your family and friends.

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