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Tips for Creating Your Outdoor Christmas Lighting Design

With December officially here and the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor Christmas lighting display. If you're planning to create a new outdoor lighting design for your home and property this Christmas, it's important to know some key pieces of information before you get started. To help you get off on the right track, our experienced team of lighting professionals have compiled this list of helpful tips.

Use Materials Rated for the Outdoors
For many homeowners, an outdoor Christmas lighting design is all about aesthetics. The way the lights dance across your home and property, or twinkle up against the dark night sky. But the thing that should be most important to consider in any outdoor lighting design is the safety and quality of the products you are using.

When designing your Christmas lighting system this holiday season, remember to always use lights, extensions cords and timers that are rated for the outdoors. This will ensure your system is safe �- especially if you have children or four-legged friends in your household - and also allow your Christmas lighting design to stand up to our harsh, Canadian winter climate.

Know What Lights Work Best Where
For an amateur outdoor lighting enthusiast, knowing what style of lighting to use around the different areas of your home might not be common knowledge. But for professional lighting technicians, this information is almost second nature.

A lighting choice that has DIY written all over it is buying your lights in bulk and using them across all areas of your home and property. That's why it's important to know what lights work best in each section of your home. For outlining a key feature of your home or property, such as a tree, pillar or gazebo, use single strands of lighting in a spiral wrap style. For lighting up straight edges like the gutters of your home, use icicle lights. If you have hedges on your property that you'd like to incorporate into your outdoor Christmas lighting design, net lighting would be the perfect option in this area. Understanding the different lighting styles you have available to you and where they work best will help you create a picture perfect lighting design that suits all of the unique features of your home and property.

Store Your Lights Properly
By the end of the holiday season, it can be tempting to just throw all your lights and materials into a box and put it out of sight for another year. But doing this will only cause you stressand likely even cost you moneyby the time next Christmas roles around. To ensure you aren't wasting time and resources, it's important to always store your outdoor Christmas lights, and all related materials properly. Our best advice is to keep strands of lights untangled and separated and store everything in their original boxes if possible.

Hire a Professional
While you can create an eye catching outdoor Christmas lighting design on your own if you have the right tools, equipment, materials and lighting "know-how," you'll always get a spectacular design when you hire a professional outdoor lighting company to create and install your Christmas lighting system.

Not only will a professional design and installation leave all the neighbours on the block admiring your home during the holiday season, you can be sure that a reputable lighting company will use quality products that are safe and energy efficient.

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