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Tree Beautification: Lighting, Safety, and Holiday Cheer

Not many people know this, but the tradition of decorating Christmas started around the 7th century in Germany.  Slowly this tradition began to spread across the world and now the first picture we get of Christmas is that of a perfectly decorated tree.  Eventually, outdoor tree decoration became part of Christmas and it was a beautiful compliment to the indoor tree.  However, then comes the issue of what tree to pick, how to light it, and how to do so safely.  Contact Christmas Décor for professional holiday lighting advice in Oakville.  Or read on for tips on professional holiday lighting for your outdoor Christmas tree.

Choosing a Tree for Your Professional Holiday Lighting in Oakville

When it comes to having an outdoor Christmas tree, you can have a real or an artificial tree.  Real trees are able to do double duty, as they can beautify your landscape throughout the year.  If you would like a real tree, you can plant an indoor tree after the holidays, and transplant it in time for next year. On the other hand, you could use an artificial tree for your outdoor décor.  It would certainly be easier to invest in a pre-lit artificial tree and just plug it in.  No muss, no fuss.  Christmas Décor provides a variety of options when it comes to outdoor decorating for the holidays.

Professional Holiday Lighting and Other Decorations for Your Tree

Once you have decided on a type of tree to use, then comes the fun part – the decorating!  You can decorate your tree in a traditional manner, using lights, bows, balls, tinsel, stars, and angels at the top.  Or you could decorate your tree in an innovative, customized design that reflects the personality of your family.  If you are unsure of which way you would like your tree to be decorated, ask your professional holiday lighting in Oakville service for advice.

Keeping Your Professional Holiday Lighting Safe

The most important part of lighting is safety.  You can’t exclude lighting, especially if it’s part of an outdoor display.  Follow a few safety tips to ensure your outdoor tree is lit up in a safe and secure way.

  • Be sure to use lights and cords certified for outdoor use. 
  • Before plugging them in, check the wires and cords for wear and tear or any damage. 
  • Avoid overloading a power outlet as it might create a fire hazard.
  • Always unplug lights when you are changing a bulb.
  • Keep the connections clear of water and snow. 
  • Switch of lights before going to bed or going travelling.  Rely on a timer to switch your lights on and off in case you forget to do so. 

Keep beauty and safety in mind while decorating your outdoor Christmas tree.  Our professional holiday lighting form Christmas Decor in Oakville will keep your outdoor décor beautiful, safe, and stress-free!  Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiring designs!

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