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Christmas Lighting Inspiration - The Best Displays in the World!

There’s one house in every city – the one that’s so bright, it looks like Christmas on steroids!  While our Oakville Christmas lighting service is all about spectacular lighting, there is definitely such a thing as going over-the-top.  This can be confusing for some, as they want their yard to be beautiful during the holiday season, but they don’t want it to look like something Clark Griswold would be proud of.  The following Christmas lighting designs are bright and beautiful.  While creating an exact replica in your yard may be a bit much, you can definitely scale down these examples to make your outdoor lighting arrangement neighbourhood appropriate.

Model Your Christmas Lighting Designs After Medellin, Colombia

The great display in Medellin, Colombia runs along the east side of the river, from the Industriales metro, north to the Intelligence Building.  It is a fantastic display of lights including water fountains and projected images.  Truly a sight to behold!  When it comes to working with a lighting service like Christmas Decor, ask about us including more than lights to make your display interactive and engaging.

Use Rockefeller Center as Inspiration

The Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, New York is potentially the most famous Christmas tree in the world.  This tree has drawn crowds for over 70 years.  The Tree Lighting ceremony even attracts famous movie stars, athletes, and musicians.  This year, the tree will be lit on November 30, 2011.  If you want to model your Christmas lighting designs after this infamous design, make sure you have a focal point like a majestic tree to adorn with lights.  But you could also use a front door, an architectural detail around the house, or any statues or water features.  Then the rest of the lights should be used to frame and highlight the focal point.  This is a very tasteful and classy method of decorating.

Create Your Own Little Christmas Village, Like in Frankfurt, Germany

This is one of the most important Christmas markets in Germany.  It's hard to see pictures of this charming location and not feel festive. So why not follow Frankfurt's lead: ask your Oakville Christmas lighting service to create a mini Christmas market in your front yard!  The amount of lights and the different focal points (a tree, Santa's sleigh, etc.) can quickly make your yard look like the aftermath of a Christmas explosion, so use an appropriate amount. 

Go Local with Niagara Falls Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls is not all about an overwhelming display of lights.  Instead, the illuminations can be found along the five kilometre Niagara Parkway, also known as Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland.  What's more, there are additional lights that can be found throughout Niagara Falls.  Model your Christmas lighting designs after Niagara Falls by dispersing your Christmas lights evenly throughout your yard.  Show off a variety of Christmas themes with things like an angel, a bell, a snowman, or Santa and his reindeer.

Light Up Your Garden Like VanDeusen Botanical Gardens

During the winter, these gardens in British Colombia light up in a display of lights that is a sight to see.  You can tell a gardener had a hand in the planning, as the lights pop like a garden in full bloom.  To highlight your garden, ask your Christmas Decor Oakville lighting service to strategically place lights and decorations to highlight the foliage in your yard.

Turn your plain Christmas décor into a twinkling work of art.  Contact Christmas Décor Oakville and find out about our exterior decorating services .

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