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How to Select a Christmas Colour Scheme for Your Christmas Décor

Are you tired of your old, worn out Christmas decorations? Well, why not try and spice things up this season by adding a custom holiday colour scheme to your Christmas interior decorating wish list?

Set the Tone with the Right Colour Schemes

Colour schemes invoke strong emotions and are even more important than the decorations.  However, selecting one that works for your home can be tricky.  You'll need to choose colours that you like, as well as ones that will catch the eyes of your guests. 

Remember, Christmas interior decorating looks best when the colours complement the existing colours of your home.  If your home is decorated in warm colours, choose hues of gold and red.  If your home décor is comprised of cool colours, stick with cooler Christmas colours, such as white and silver. 

It’s easy to get caught up in decorating and creating variety, but know that your house will look off if the colour scheme varies.  To give your décor a unified feel but still have some variety, pick a few colours.  The first colour is the main colour in the first room.  The second colour is the main colour in the second room, and so forth.  Tie the rooms together with a ribbon or garland that uses all colours.

The most important part of your Christmas interior decorating task is that it needs to make you feel joyous and festive.  If you’re having trouble with ideas or are confused by all of these rules, then these tips will help bring out the beauty of your home.

Colour Ideas Can Be Found in Many Places

If your house is not giving you any clues as to a colour scheme, why not choose something from the Christmas decorations that you have?  If you have bright beaded fruits - jewel tones will bring out the richness of your home.  If your taste is earthy, greens, browns, and golds are best for your Christmas interior decorating.  If you are drawn to tinsel, then silver may be perfect.

Another classic idea is to draw colours from a piece of fabric you will be using.  You can bring the various hues throughout the house. 

Your childhood is also an excellent source for decorating tips.  Perhaps you have a cherished Christmas decoration that can be used as a focal point.  Use the colours from anything you loved about Christmas to bring back memories. 

Timeless and Modern Ways to Add Colour

If you’re still unsure of what colours to use, try gift wrap for inspiration.  Ribbons, which are always a lovely idea for your Christmas interior decorating, are also useful when it comes to colour musings. 

Monochromatic schemes are always very trendy.  You simply choose one colour and then decorate with many shades of that colour to add drama.  Adding texture, such as garland or decorated ornaments can also liven up a monochromatic scheme. 

If a more traditional colour scheme won’t work with your house, why don’t you try:

  • Ivory and brushed gold
  • Sage green, ivory, and pewter
  • Bright purple, blue, and green
  • Icy blue, lilac, and silver.
  • Beige, brown, gold, yellow, and rust

For more ideas on how to create the perfect colour palette for your home this Christmas, contact our Oakville Christmas decorating services for advice.

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