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How To Enjoy Your Christmas Lights Without Annoying Your Neighbours

Are you the person in the neighborhood that wants to jump into Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over? You're itching to put up the lights and spruce up your evergreen garlands? That's great, but are there traditions or etiquette surrounding spreading your Christmas joy for the whole street to see? We've put together these tips for keeping your neighbours happy while still being able to enjoy your twinkling lights!

When Should Christmas Lights Go Up?
With Thanksgiving happening in early October in Canada, that seems too early to put up Christmas lights (although, retailers are quick to make the switch!). The common thinking is to wait until after Remembrance Day (November 11), to put a pause on the Christmas sparkly and keep the focus on our veterans. Others advocate waiting until December 1st - however, if you're someone who puts a lot of work into your light display, a month feels too short to keep it all up.

There aren't any hard and fast rules, but waiting until after November 11th is a good approach. Alternatively, you could put up the lights earlier (when it's warmer and safe your frosty fingertips), but don't turn them on until you feel it's appropriate.

When Should Christmas Lights Come Down?
No one will complain about Christmas lights up and twinkling right through New Year's Day, but the common tradition is to take them down (or at least not turn them on) after January 6th. Seems oddly specific, but Jan 6th coincides with the end of the 12 days of Christmas as a general rule.

However, if you've just got plain white lights and not the definitely-Christmas-coloured variety, then there's some flexibility here.

How Long Should I Leave My Christmas Lights On For At Night?
There isn't any etiquette about this, but some good neighbourly common sense will go a long way. Any kind of repeated blinking pattern that's particularly bright or shines into a neighbours windows will get annoying long before Christmas gets here. Keep your neighbour's floor plan in mind when designing your light display.

If your lights don't disturb your neighbours at all, you're probably fine to leave them on all night if you wish. Turning your lights on around dusk 4:30-5:30PM and then shut everything off around 11PM will keep neighbours happy and save you some money on electricity. If you incorporate music into your light design, it might be a good idea to shut everything down by 11PM. And you can put the lights on a timer so you can set it and forget it.

No Time To Put Up Lights This Year?
Why not let our team of holiday lighting and d�cor experts create a light design that you will love. Whether you're looking to really light up your home or business with style, wrap deciduous or evergreen trees, or go more minimal, we can create a look that will bring some cheer to those cold wintry months ahead.

We do all the set up, take down, and we'll even store the lights and other decorations until next Christmas. It doesn't get much easier than that, but you need to book a consultation soon! Don't wait until December and risk being disappointed. Contact Christmas Decor Oakville today!


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