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3 Ways To Light Up Your Outdoor Trees For Christmas

So you want to light up your outdoor trees for the holidays? Whether you want to decorate an evergreen or deciduous tree, there are a few different ways to give your tree the kind of holiday makeover that will keep you and your neighbours smiling all season.

To start, you'll want to match the colours and decor styles used on the front of your home or business. Hanging outdoor Christmas lights can be labour intensive (and dangerous without the proper gear) and time consuming. And when it comes to lighting up outdoor trees, height can pose problems for homeowners.

Our holiday lighting experts at Christmas Decor Oakville can help design a unique-to-your-home look that will make coming home in the cold winter month a little warmer and certainly brighten up the mood on your street. Additionally, you can light up the darker areas of your yard in a way that doesn't look like you're concerned about security. There are three different ways to wrap a tree so it doesn't matter if your tree is tall, thin, round, short, or thick.

Horizontal Wraps
One way we often wrap trees in lights is to start at the bottom of the tree and wrap lights around the outermost edges of the tree's shape all the way to the top. This works for both evergreen or deciduous trees. This gives your tree a round, full appearance at night. You'll want to use larger lights on an evergreen tree. You don't have to go all the way to the top of the tree because at night you won't see where you've stopped.

You can go light on the lights and have the effect of the lights hovering at night, or use moderate or heavy lights to really highlight the shape and texture of your tree.

However, our professional installers can completely wrap your tree right to the top (and take them down again at the end of the season) to give your tree that professional touch and create a silhouette you can be proud of.

Vertical Wraps
This method anchors strings of lights at the top of the tree and each strand falls vertically to the ground. A circle of vertical lights creates a maypole effect all around the tree. Be sure to space the strands evenly. Again, the more lights used the more defined the shape will be and you can decide how many light strands you want to use.

This style is better suited to evergreen trees that have a wider bottom than top so the lights drape and create that traditional Christmas tree shape.

Branch and Trunk Wraps
This is a great style for deciduous trees and has become very popular. This style of tree wrapping can be done by our professionals in three different intensities. This lighting style uses a lot of lights, so your budget can decide how high you wrap each branch, whether you only wrap the trunk and the main branches, or you go all out and really light up each branch to create a shape as unique as your tree. This effect used across many trees can create a magical effect against the snow.


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