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11 Tips For Professional Christmas Lighting

Many people like the idea of having Christmas lights to decorate their home and yard for the holiday season. The difference between a DIY and professional design and installation can be quite a contrast. If you are looking for a professional, eye-catching design for this holiday season, give the experts at Christmas Decor Oakville a call. Want proof? You can view our design gallery here.

Here are some of our best tips to make your Christmas light design look more professional.

  • Consider the size of your yard. Large inflatable Santas and reindeer are bright and easy to set up. They will definitely grab attention, but if they dwarf your yard or house it can look tacky and poorly designed.

  • Don't overdo it with lights. Bright spotlights, every sort of string light ever made - in every colour, won't attract the right sort of attention from neighbours. Careful and intentional placement will create a great eye-catching display without blinding passersby.

  • Grow your display year after year. Each season, slowly add to the lights and display as you can afford and as your time allows so you can judge the impact. And consider where you'll store all your decorations the rest of the year before purchasing large items.

  • Use appropriate clips and fasteners to attach lights to trees and shrubs. Throwing light strands over branches, the tugging and pulling, can cause a lot of damage.

  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until there's snow on the ground to put up lights. The cold will have you taking short cuts and taking unnecessary risks. A rushed job creates a look you'll likely be disappointed with. Take your time to install lights in stages when the weather is warmer.

  • Know how much electricity your lights will use. Electricity bills are a big topic in Ontario this year. You can find out how many watts each string of lights use and this will prevent surprises on your hydro bills. Also, this will prevent overloaded circuits. Have professionals install more outdoor outlets or bigger circuits to accommodate your light displays without creating a fire hazard. If you have to run an extension cord out of a window or door, that might not be the most energy efficient option. Also consider energy saving LED lights.

  • Not all Christmas lights need to be seen from the street. In careful design, there's a place for more subtle lighting especially around walkways and paths.

  • Make sure your lights and extension cords are rated for outdoor use. This should go without saying, but outdoor lights are often bigger, draw more power, and can be more expensive to purchase. Indoor and outdoor lights are manufactured differently to meet specific environmental needs.

  • Consider adding a timer to your light display. This will prevent lights being left on or off continuously for days or weeks. Timers may be a good way to keep your neighbours happy as well.

  • LED lighting is more affordable than ever before. These lights are brighter, more energy efficient, last longer, and now come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They come as icicle lights, net lights, string lights, rope lights - your imagination has a lot more freedom with LED. LED lights can be purchased so they change colours as well, so your Christmas lights could double as winter outdoor lighting with a colour switch.

  • Keep safety a priority when installing Christmas lights. Avoid rooftops after snow or ice storms. Don't install lights alone, work with someone who can help secure ladders and be that extra pair of hands when needed.

It isn't too early to call our holiday decorating experts to get started on a plan for your home or business. Contact us at 905-632-2445 to get your Christmas light installation appointment before the December rush. Or use our handy dandy online form to request a quote.

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